Carell ETM80
Tube/Pipe Bender

  • Solid Steel Frame – Lower, wider, heavier and more stable than other machines. Built from solid steel plate material. No cast or aluminum frame parts!.
  • Solid Steel Tooling – Manufactured from solid steel billet for durability, no castings.
  • Programmable – Dependable and easy to use digital microprocessor control allow storing of up to 40 different programs, each with a 5 bend sequence.
  • Manual / Automatic Function – Allows automatic bend and return with one command or dual key stroke in manual.
  • Quick Cam Release – Made from solid steel, allows release of counter bending die pressure for quick return to zero of the former and rapid release of the bent part from the forming die.
  • Bends Without Mandrels – Unique tooling and counter bending system permits bending without the need for internal mandrels.
  • Simplified Tooling – Optional tooling uses smooth center bore for easy change-over of sizes.
  • Rapid Cycle – Rapid Cycle Rate and heavy duty construction creates a machine suited for mid level production bending applications as well as general shop use.

Cap. Round Steel Pipe
Round Steel Tube
Square Steel Tube
Solid Round Bar
Max. Bend Angle
2 1/2″ Sch. 40
3″ OD x 0.125″ Wall
2-1/4″ x 2-1/4" x .120"
1 7/8″
6 seconds, no load
180° + Spring Back
3.5 HP
1,210 lbs

PRICE: $26,495.00

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