Carell ETM90
Tube/Pipe Bender

  • Solid Steel Frame – Lower, wider, heavier and more stable than other machines. Built from solid steel plate material. No cast or aluminum frame parts!.
  • Solid Steel Tooling – Manufactured from solid steel billet for durability, no castings.
  • Programmable – Dependable and easy to use digital microprocessor control allow storing of up to 40 different programs, each with a 5 bend sequence.
  • Manual / Automatic Function – Allows automatic bend and return with one command or dual key stroke in manual.
  • Quick Cam Release – Made from solid steel, allows release of counter bending die pressure for quick return to zero of the former and rapid release of the bent part from the forming die.
  • Bends Without Mandrels – Unique tooling and counter bending system permits bending without the need for internal mandrels.
  • Simplified Tooling – Optional tooling uses smooth center bore for easy change-over of sizes.
  • Rapid Cycle – Rapid Cycle Rate and heavy duty construction creates a machine suited for mid level production bending applications as well as general shop use.

Cap. Round Steel Pipe (Sch 40)
Cap. Round Steel Pipe (Sch 80)
Round Steel Tube
Square Steel Tube
Solid Round Bar
Max. Bend Angle
2 1/2″
3 1/2″ OD x 0.216″ Wall
2 1/2″ x 2 1/2" x 1/4"
3.5 Seconds, no load
180° + Spring Back
5.5 HP
34”W x 59”L x 44”H
1,200 lbs

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