Everett Dry Cutting
Abrasive Cut Off Saws

EVERETT Dry abrasive cutoff saws are available in a range of sizes from 8-inch to 26-inch wheel diameters. We offer hydraulic power head and wheel wear compensator models to improve dry cutting productivity for the 14-inch to 16-inch size range of an abrasive cutoff saw, as well as the 20-inch cutoff saw to 22-inch cutoff saw and the 26-inch cutoff saw. For a smoother, faster cut, oscillation is available on our 20-inch cut off saw (optional) and standard on the 26-inch dry cutting saw models. Some manufacturers use our dry abrasive cutoff saws to cut golf clubs, food preparation equipment and railroad tracks.

  • Here’s what you can expect with an Everett Saw:
  • • Enough Power.
  • • Sturdy, Serviceable Construction.
  • • More Productivity.
  • • Peace of Mind.

10" Dry Abrasive Cutoff Saws
12" Dry Abrasive Cutoff Saws
14" - 16" Dry Abrasive Cutoff Saw
20" - 22" Dry Abrasive Cutoff Saws
26" Oscillating Dry Abrasive Cutoff Saws
1.5" Solid; 2" Pipe
1.75" Solid; 3" Pipe
2" Solid; Most 5" Shapes
3" Solid; Most 7" Shapes
6" Solid; Most 7" Shapes


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