Everett Wet Cutting
Abrasive Cut Off Saws

EVERETT Wet abrasive cut off saws are available in a range of sizes from 10" to 26" cut-off wheel diameters. We offer a hydraulic power head and a wheel wear compensator to improve cutting productivity for the 14" - 16", 20"-22" and 26" size wet abrasive cutoff saw. For a smoother and more burr free cut plus longer wheel life, oscillation is available on our 20" (optional) wet cutoff saw and standard on the 26" wet cutoff saws. Some manufacturers use this wet abrasive cutoff saw to cut cylinder rods, linear bearings, drill bits, hardened steel and in metallurgical sample testing.

  • Here’s what you can expect with an Everett Saw:
  • • Enough Power.
  • • Sturdy, Serviceable Construction.
  • • More Productivity.
  • • Peace of Mind.

10" Wet Abrasive Cutoff Machines
14" - 16" Wet Abrasive Cutoff Machines
20" - 22" Wet Abrasive Cutoff Machines
26" Oscillating Wet Abrasive Cutoff Machines
1" Solid; 2" Pipe
2" Solid; Most 5" Shapes
3" Solid; Most 6" Shapes
6" Solid; Most 7" Shapes


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