Make your Edwards Ironworker more efficient
with these Accessories
Available in Ontario and all of Canada from CanSaw

Punch/Die Starter Kit

Edwards Punch/Die Starter Kit

Pedestal Die Table

Edwards Pedestal Die Table

Heavy Duty Gauging Table

Edwards Heavy Duty Gauging Table

Quick Change Punch Assembly

Edwards Quick Change Punch Assembly

Urethane Punch Stripper

Edwards Urethane Punch Stripper

Stripper Reducing Plate

Edwards Stripper Reducing Plate

Notching Options

Coper Notcher

Edwards Coper Notcher

Turret Pipe Notcher

Edwards Turret Pipe Notcher

Brake Bending Options

7" Bending Brake"

Edwards 7 Bending Brake

12" Bending Brake

Edwards 12 Bending Brake

Shearing Options

Multi Shear

Edwards Multi Shear

Rod Shear

Edwards Rod Shear

General Options

48" Back Gauge"

Edwards Back Gauge

Fabricator's Protractor

Edwards Fabricator's Protractor

Exclusive Power Link System

Edwards Power Link System

Bending Brake Back Gauge

Edwards Bending Brake Back Gauge

Press Bending Brake Tooling

Edwards Hydraulic Press Bending Brake

Hydraulic Press Tooling

Edwards Hydraulic Press Tooling
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